Informing the reputation opportunity - pre, during and post M&A

During any merger and acquisition, activity is intense, scrutiny is acute and speed is of the essence. Success is not just about completing the deal, it demands care and attention throughout the process and well into the delivery, with communications being key throughout. There are, inevitably, many different corporate assets that need to be brought together, especially the companies' reputations which have to be merged in a way that minimises the risk of value loss while ensuring the potential for gain.

Reputation value analysis provides an objective platform to help guide decision making that is evidenced, timely and fast. It answers questions such as which company has the dominant reputation asset, where should the balance of influence be positioned in the new company, what are the value-based priorities for messaging through the transition process and beyond? 

The understanding it brings of perceptual strengths and weaknesses as the companies come together and rebrand, ensures the better informed decision-making needed to maximise the value opportunity the merger or acquisition is designed to pursue. 

Reputation Dividend has been part of some of the most significant international M&A deals in supporting the CCOs and IROs of would-be buyers, vendors and new-company teams with critical insight in to what, from the perspective of the considerable shareholder value that's often tied up in the reputation assets, actually matters most.