Company reputations are helping to sustain corporate value around the world as share prices struggle to be justified by fundamentals

A new study conducted in conjunction with AMO Strategic Partners found that more than one dollar of market capitalisation in every three was attributable to the confidence inspired by corporate reputations. As of the start of 2019, the reputation assets of the 1,611 companies that make up the world’s 15 leading equity markets were collectively contributing more than 35% of the total worth, $16.77 trillion of shareholder value and $352 billion more than at the same time a year earlier. Stock markets may continue their runs and rallies but in the absence of comprehensive improvements in company fundamentals, concerns for slow-downs and rising uncertainty it is the higher performing reputation properties that are channelling optimism. All of which serves to underline the fact that managing reputation is one of the most valuable actions a company can take.

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