Few CEOs would disagree with the idea that their company’s reputation is one of its most precious assets.

But, understanding how much value it actually contributes, and then, how to maximize it, has always been viewed as an impossible goal.

No longer. Reputation Dividend analytics are uniquely designed to help business leaders:

  • See exactly how much shareholder value is being created by their company’s corporate reputation.
  • Identify the messaging priorities for securing that value, and growing it further.

…and so, help companies realise the strategic potential of the very tangible assets that are their corporate reputations.

Brexit volatility pushing UK company corporate reputations to be among the most impactful in world with Diageo leading way

Value of corporate reputations around the world now in excess of US$16.7 trillion, more than 35% of the gross market capitalisation

Economic uncertainty increasing the pressure on companies looking to ensure the strategic role of reputations are optimised